Thursday, October 16, 2014

Opening for Core Java 4+ years @ sapient Gurgaon Noida

Opening for Core Java (4+ years) @ Sapient Gurgaon Noida

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We are currently looking to hire for Core Java geeks (Senior Developers)
Below are the determinants:

- Core java : serialization, multithreading, data structures, jdk 1.5
generic and annotations, Junit, JDBC
- J2EE: JSp/servlets, XML, schema
- Frameworks
- HTML, CSS (conceptual)
- Database, Complex SQL Queries, DB Modeling
- Design patterns and OOPS concepts: like polymorphism, inheritance, UML

Architecture & Design
• Prepares the technical design of the technology components within
the module (one or more of client/web presentation tier, server tier,
data access and data model, integration component, package function
• Participates in design reviews of other modules and provide
insightful comments to improve the design quality and design
conformance to standards
• Implements slice of application (EAR) and proofs of concept (spike
solution) to prove any new technologies or integration scenarios in
the module
• For package implementations, aids the Architect of the project to
perform the gap analysis between business requirements and the package
features and designs the configuration, customizations, extensions,
interfaces required to meet the requirements
• Provides innovative solutions to technical issues during the project
that could impact one or more modules of the project
• Implements (hands-on) the module components based on Sapient and
industry best practices. These components could be custom built, or
built using a third party tool and also could involve extending an
industry package
• Supports the module in production, resolves hot issues and
implements and deploys enhancements to the application/package
• Works with/helps other team members to resolve technical issues that
require deep technical expertise in core technology platforms or

Client Interaction
• Interacts with a client (client senior developers and architects) to
create technology specifications from business requirements for one or
more modules within the project
• In some scenarios, collaborates with client developers to design, build, test
and deploy the module components and integrate with the rest of the modules
• Raises and drives to closure with the client any technical design
and implementation issues in the module and also in the interfaces and
interactions with other modules

Planning Tracking & Estimation
• Estimates the implementation and deployment of the module based on
design architecture, testing strategy and overall project plan
• Reports progress and issues to the Manager in a timely manner. In
particular, to relay issues that might impact on quality or the
ability to deliver to timescales or estimates

Desired Skills and Experience
Atleast 4+ years of hands on experience in Core Java.
Core Java - Design, JDK 1.5, 1.6
Annotations, Generics, Autoboxing, Concurrency Features, Multi-threading
Interfaces, Classes, Database
Should have implemented atleast one design patterns,
J2EE - HTML, CSS, Presentation Layer, JSP, Servlets
Should be hands on in atleast one Framework - Spring, Strut etc.
Hibernate, IBats, ORM
Should have worked on complex SQL queries, Database Modeling,
Triggwers, Views, stroed procedure, SQL Tuning.
Software Processing - Planning, Estimation, Code Reviews etc.

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