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Ruby On Rails Developer at SapnaSolutions in Pune, India

Ruby On Rails Developer at SapnaSolutions in Pune, India


We are looking to add a rails developer to their in-house development team. We're looking for someone who wants to hone their Rails skills on challenging projects while learning from web development experts. Some Rails experience is required but it's far from the most important factor. We're looking for someone that is eager to learn new technologies, loves finding elegant solutions to problems, and is fearless in the face of deadlines. This is not for someone that wants a "gig" but someone who wants to be part of a passionate and talented team based here in India working on world class projects.


We are looking for someone who can:

* Design and develop web applications, backend and frontend, using Ruby On Rails, whether on existing projects or new projects.
* Maintain already running applications
* Set up and maintain servers

Our ideal candidate:

*Understanding of Web technologies: Object Oriented Programming, HTTP protocol
* Should have atleast 1 year of Experience in Ruby On Rails
* Stateless and stateful programming. Understanding of design patterns
* At least one MVC Web development framework. Usage of HTML, CSS, HAML and Javascript frameworks like backbone.js node.js is a plus
* Good skills in database design plus knowledge of RDBMS systems
* Experience with web development, as a previous work experience or as an internship. We will ask for code snippet from a previous work     experience, from an open source project or from any other sources
* At ease with mainstream operating systems, and a good operational knowledge on Linux
* Have the disposition to learn; giving and receiving feedback
*Have the will to learn new things and tackle new challenges everyday. You will have to learn a lot if you donʼt know yet the technologies we use

About us:

We are a new type of Web Development Company, and amongst the first of its kind in India. We follow a two tier strategy of delivering highly engaging and creative client projects on one hand, and developing innovative, 'Intrapreneurial' in - house Web, Mobile and Social applications, on the other hand. We are expanding the existing team to develop more innovative in-house and client products, to make a mark for Web-Innovation Made-in-India.


Katia Bassan

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Katia Bassan

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