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IBM Referral Hiring Drive on 14th MAY 2011 for Testing Professionals - Interviews in Chennai,Bangalore,Gurgaon,Kolkata,Pune

Testing- Referral Hiring Drive on 14th MAY 2011

We are currently looking to hire people for Testing(specific skills mentioned below only) & to fulfill these demands we are conducting
Interviews in Chennai,Bangalore,Gurgaon,Kolkata,Pune (Refer below for more details) on 14 May 2011 (Saturday) .

Open Requirements for Testing skills are mentioned below (read in detail to refer suitable candidates)

Note - Kindly don't refer candidates who dose not possess the below mentioned skills / tools experience.
IBM representatives will always be present at the event venues to assist candidates. Any concerns can be brought to their notice and they will be able to assist you or direct you to the concerned. In case of urgency you can reach us on 9686195695 Sunitha/Rames

1.Requested to send Candidates directly to the venue if they are exactly matching to the Below criteria..(Screening Desk Will be open Till 9:30-12:00am)
2.The Below Requirement is Open only for the Current Week..
3.Candidate who doesnt match the criteria will be strictly sent back from the venue..
Skill Sub Skill Rel Exp Interview Loc Venue
Testing ETL Testing,Java Testing(Webtesting)-
(Joining Loc-Chennai & Gurgon) &
Mainframe Testing-(Joining Loc-Bangalore)
QTP Testing & Load Runner With Performance testing 3.5-7yrs Chennai DLF : IBM India Private Limited, DLF IT Park(Tower 1A), 1/124 -
Shivaji Garden,Moonlight Stop, Mount Poonamalee Rd, (near L&T Building), Nandambakkam Post,Ramapuram, Chennai.
Testing ETL Testing,Java Testing(Web testing),
Mainframe Testing &
Automation QTP(Joining Loc-Gurgaon) 3.5-7yrs Gurgaon
IBM India Pvt Ltd. DLF, Shilokhera, National Highway No 8, Sector – 30, Opp 32 Milestone, Gurgaon – 122001
Testing Automation QTP / Web Testers
(Joining Location-Kolkata) 3.5-7yrs Kolkata BCS : IBM India Pvt. Ltd. BCS Building, 3rd Floor, Plot No-Xi-7, Block EP/GP, Sector – V, Saltlake Electronic Complex, Kolkata-91
Testing ETL Tester
(Joining Loc-Gurgaon & Chennai) 3.5-7yrs Bangalore SA : IBM India Private Limited, Subramanya Arcade - 3,
Baneergatta Road, Bangalore - 560029. India
Testing ETL Tester & Java Tester
(Joining Loc-Gurgaon & Chennai & Kolkata) 3.5-7yrs Pune TPO : IBM India Private Limited, Tech Park One (TPO),
Next to Don Bosco school, Yerwada, Pune

Spoc-HR In the Venue

Hard copy of the interview invite mailer which we will send them post scheduling their interviews.
Hard copy of the resume.
Photocopy of current organization offer letter.
Photo ID and one photocopy of the same.
Photocopy of 2 recent payslips.
1 P.P Photo (Not Mandatory).

Interview Invite mail Can Be Sent to The Candidate

Dear Candidate,

Your profile has been referred by an IBM employee and post evaluating your profile on our initial screening criteria , you have been scheduled for an Interview with us on 7-May-11 (Saturday). We look forward on having you participate in the IBM interview process.

Kindly read this email in detail for the finer needs to be a part of this Testing drive and refer as many friends and family members for a face to face interview.

Date & Timing : 7th-May-11 (Saturday), 9:30 AM to 11:00 AM....(Post this no Fresh interview candidate would be allowed to register)

·Here is an opportunity to refer your family and friends who have got the similar skill set like you and if they get thru and get an offer with IBM, IBM would be more than happy to provide you with a referral bonus and this money would be kept ready for you and would be paid as per the policy when you join IBM. How does this work ? please ask your candidates to just do this simple thing when he or she comes for an interview with us

1> While filling the attached EAF (Refer to the sheet2 "Personal Info") they have to put 'Y' in front of "Accepted Not Joined Candidate" field.
2> They have to mention your full name in the "Name of the Employee" (Refer to the sheet2 "Personal Info").

· Our IBM representatives will be present in the venue to guide for the interviews, as we aspire to achieve quality conversions in our interview drives, further screening desks will be installed at the venue to re-validate the profiles with the demands mentioned below. Request your cooperation for the same.

We would request your presence for a face-to-face discussion. For this purpose we require you to carry the below mentioned mandatory documents with their photocopies/xerox.

Mandatory documents to carry: (Without which interviews for the candidates would not be conducted)

Hard copy of this Interview Invite mail
Hard copy of your resume
Photocopy of current organization offer letter / increment / salary revision letter.
Detail of your current remuneration.
Photo ID and one photocopy of the same
Photocopy of 2 recent payslips
1 P.P Photo
Properly filled Applicant Source Form(Attached in the mail)

Please make sure that you carry all the mandatory documents. Interviews will not be conducted for candidates without Original documents & Photocopies/Xerox and who doesn't meet to the above mentioned skill set..

Our IBM representatives will be present in the venue to guide you for the interviews, as we aspire to achieve quality conversions in all our interview drives, further screening desks will be installed at all venues to re-validate your profile with the latest hiring demand. Request your corporation for the same.

Skills & Venue :
Automation Testing
With QTP Chennai 3-7yrs
Performance Testing
With Load Runner Chennai 3-7yrs
Java tester Chennai 3-7yrs

Contact Person: HR from IBM at the Venue...

For Any Queries pls reach out to 8553017085
· Kindly ignore this mail, if you have already attended the IBM Interview within the last 3 months.
· Please mention the interview Source as ERBP (Employee Referral) on top of the resume.
· Ensure that you do not miss this opportunity which might not be available in the future.
Due to Security Reasons you are not allowed to carry any baggage(other than the vanity bag)inside the IBM Venue.

IBM Recruitment Team

Please Note

Please ask your referral to mention your name & id clearly in the form given at the venue or attached in this email. Candidates should also mention "Employee Referral" on top of their resume
Due to security concerns candidates are not allowed to carry any bags inside the IBM Premises. Please inform your candidates regarding the same.

Please refer to the section below for more information
You can send their resumes to gbscareers@in.ibm.com , while referring ensure your Subject Line reads :
Skill, Years of Experience and Candidate location

Simply attach your candidates resumes and send their resumes to gbscareers@in.ibm.com

The source credit for IBM INDIA is based on a special program, "Pay-the-scheduler "

In the likelihood that the candidate has been contacted by multiple channels for the same position, it is important to identify the RIGHT SOURCE through
which the candidate appears for the interview.

"Pay the scheduler" program helps IBM to provide the credit to the correct source in all such events. Based on this program, in addition to the above process :

When the candidate appears for an interview, (s)he/she will be required to fill and sign an Employment Blank Form (EAF) with complete details
On this form, the Referred Candidate declares the Source through which the candidate has come to know of the opportunity available with IBM for attending the interview
Every candidate has to declare the Employee Name & Employee ID of the Referrer through which (s)he has appeared for the interview
The referred candidate has to submit all the mandatory documents along with the signed ASF during the interview which cannot be changed/modified at a later date.
Please ensure that your referred candidate completes the details required on the ASF, basis which, the source will be accredited.

In case the candidate does not mention any of the two details required,
i.e Referrers Name and Employee ID , the referrer will not be eligible to receive the ERBP-bonus

We are happy to extend the referral eligibility to all People Managers (Band 10 and below).
People Managers will be eligible to receive a referral incentive only if

1. They are not involved in the candidate selection process (as interview panelists)
2. They are not their referrals' hiring manager.
3. The candidate is not the Direct reportee of the referrer.

Note: * The referral amount will be given after 30 days of the candidate coming on board.
" As per the Global ERBP guidelines, the candidate should be personally known to you, and you should have his/her consent to be referred and (s)he should be aware that you may be eligible to receive a bonus payment if your referral results in a successful hire.

By submitting the profile on the Global Opportunity Marketplace ( GOM) or to the email ID mentioned in this mail , you are confirming to the best of your knowledge that your candidate and you meet the requirements as detailed on the Global ERBP website and that if it is determined the referral did not meet the requirements at any time during the process, the bonus payment(s) may be withdrawn or would need to be repaid."

Thanks & Regards
Employee Referral Program Office

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