Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Opening for VB, ASP and .Net with Oracle @ UST Global, Kochi

Tuesday, 4 May 2010
*LinkUS: Refer Now!*

LinkUS: Refer Now!

Position: Senior Software Engineer - VB, ASP and .Net with Oracle

Location: Cochin

Experience Level: 3-8 Years

JO ID: 14115

Required Skills : C#, ASP.NET, Oracle 9+, strong database knowledge for database redesign.

Desirable Skills : Classic ASP w/VBScript and JavaScript, VB6, C++, VB6 as well as knowledge of COM+ components (VB6), Fiddle (debugger tool).

Job Description:

Role is to design, code, test, and analyze software programs and applications. This includes researching, designing, documenting, and modifying software specifications throughout the production lifecycle. Analyze and amend software errors in a timely and accurate fashion and provide status reports where required. will also include some conversion of existing components to newer technology and database redesign.

Guide for employees to upload referral profiles:

Follow the direction –Kubera >>Manage personal Information >> Employee Self Service >> Recruiting Activities >>Careers.

· Click View All to see available job openings and upload the profile against matching openings.

· If there is no matching JO, click on “Refer friend” at the bottom of the page & upload resume.

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