Monday, February 22, 2010

Wipro Recruits Freshers @ Banglore

Job Description:

Net 20 Web Developer-L1

Development - Responsible for development, support, maintenance and implementation of small to medium non-complex components of a project module. Works on problems of limited scope, through usage of standard programming concepts and principles. Works under high supervision/ guidance with frequent review of accomplished objectives. Requires theoretical knowledge of programming languages. Expected to learn on the job towards developing domain knowledge along with technical/ proprietary skills.
C / VB.NET - L1 - Should be aware of the following concepts of C . - Basic Programming Knowledge, Language keywords - Declarations, Initializations and Scoping - Data Structures, Control Structures, Collections like Hashtable, SortedList, Arrays, Indexers, Stacks, Queues, Dictionary - Assignments, Expressions, Operators - Basic GC concepts, Heap, Stack concepts - Formatted outputs for data structures like String, Date, number types, etc; - Implementing Basic OOAD concepts, Classes, Property, Method, Event, Interface, Multiple Inheritance, Structures - Access modifiers, scope and lifetime of a variable, object casting, type conversion utilities - Object creation and destruction, Finalize and Dispose, concepts of NULL, NULL objects, declaration and instantiation. - Flow Control - Basic Error Handling : Managing Errors, Propogating Errors, Error Handling in Events - Working knowledge in Visual Studio.NET IDE, Compile, Debug, Run an application, Project types, compiler flags. - RDBMS concepts and ADO.NET basics and ADO object model, read and write to database, ADO.NET data providers, - Creating NDOC, API Help, - Coding Standards, Naming conventions; access modifiers, readable v/s efficient coding - .NET Framework architecture, CLR, Runtime basics, .NET assemblies, MSIL concepts, Framework languages, Assemblies and Manifests - .NET 2.0 Concepts, Generics - Data Validation for data types - Tool based Unit Testing concepts - Basics of Threading - Error handling

About Company:

Wipro Technologies

Wipro Technologies is a global provider of consulting, IT Services, and outsourced R&D, infrastructure outsourcing and business process services. We deliver technology-driven business solutions that meet the strategic objectives of Global 2000 customers. With over 25 years in the Information Technology business, Wipro is the largest outsourced R & D Services provider and one of the pioneers in the remote delivery of services.

We deliver unmatched business value to customers through a combination of process excellence, quality frameworks and service delivery innovation. Wipro is the World's first PCMM, CMM and CMMi Level 5 certified software Services Company and the first outside USA to receive the IEEE Software Process Award. We are the first services company to embrace Six Sigma, lean manufacturing and factory model concepts to software engineering.

We have a wide geographical diversity of operations with over 40 development centers and 10 near shore centers spread across India, Japan, China, Eastern Europe, France, Austria, Sweden, Germany, UK and USA.

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Additional Information

Experience: 0 - 1 years

Role: Net 20 Web Developer-L1

Job Category: Software, Hardware, EDP

Job Location: Bangalore

Key Skills: C#/ VB.NET - L1,.NET Web Development - L1


Posted On: 22nd Feb 2010

Job Ref Code: T81858

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